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Why iTrust Centres should be your first choice

We provide an evidence-based practice approach to all our patients, which ensures there is safe, transparent fixed cost cycles of treatment with no hidden extras.

Our aim is to maximise each patients cycle of treatment with surplus frozen embryo’s to use at a later time. All patients treatment is monitored closely under the supervision of experienced consultants to give better health outcomes and make decisions quickly.

Excellent Success Rates

Our Centres are very proud of the success rates that we have achieved since taking over from BMI. We understand how important this can be when choosing a fertility centre so it’s reassuring to our patients that we are as good as we say we are through our results.
As the results are published annually please speak to our experienced team for up to date information. 

You can find the most up to date information on our HFEA profile, which allows you to break down the information that matters most to you.

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Competitive pricing

Our finance team is consistently looking at ways of improving our costs and offering patients competitive fees. We are always improving efficiencies and looking at ways to keep our costs consistent, transparent and fair.

No waiting lists

One of the big benefits of coming to us for treatment is that there are no waiting lists. With treatment on the NHS involving long waiting lists, private treatment is often a more suitable option for those for whom time is running out. In some areas in the country, patients on the NHS have to wait up to 2 years when they are in the system to be approved for funding. At our clinic you do not have to wait at all, we will offer you the next available appointment.

Consultant led care for NHS and self-funded patients

At iTrust, we are proud to offer all our patients the same level of support and excellent clinical care from all of our team.

All clinical decisions are made by experienced consultants who will oversee your care at the clinic. We pride ourselves on offering patients this level of support and we are always here to help.

We have a dedicated admin team who are here to support you if you have any funding questions.

Why choose iTrust?

Z Local fertility centres with more than 30 years experience
Z Dedicated and experienced team of fertility staff
Z Excellent success rates
Z Safe, effective care
Z Consultant led-services
Z Competitively priced treatment options with no hidden extras
Z A team that you can trust to be honest and transparent