Complaints Policy

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We are always striving to continually improve and therefore any feedback that you can give us is very gratefully received. Please complete a patient or user survey and/or send any comments into our feedback email addresses or via our “contact us” pages on our websites.

For patients at iTrust on 01323 410333 and email at

If however, you wish to make a complaint, we have a complaints procedure that we will follow to ensure that we attend fully and in a timely manner to the issue(s) you may identify.

How to inform us of your complaint:

Please write a letter addressed to the complaints lead at your clinic address, or email us at the relevant feedback address as per above. Please give us your full name, date of birth and current contact address (and email address) so that we may locate your records; and please let us know how you wish us to respond: via letter and/or via email.

What we will do:

Once your complaint has been received we will take action to ensure it is dealt with quickly and effectively as per our Complaints and Feedback Standard Operating Procedure. A summary of that procedure is below:

We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and offer you a free review consultation with one of our experienced healthcare professionals to enable you to discuss the issue(s) further should you wish
We will launch an investigation into the circumstances leading up to and during the episode(s) that your complaint relates to
We will ask all of the staff involved for their statements and the relevant entries in your records during the episode(s)
All of the statements and records will be reviewed and a letter summarising and attending to the issue(s) you have raised will be formulated
Any actions arising from the issue(s) you identified and the investigation will be implemented in a timely and effective manner to prevent reoccurrence
We will write to you with a response to your complaint within 20 working days

What to do if this still doesn’t resolve things for you:

If you feel that our response still does not fully address things for you, you are welcome to contact the relevant independent authority that governs your clinic. These authorities are the equivalent and act as an “Alternative Dispute Resolution” service and will follow their own complaints procedure.