Doctors Referrals

At iTrust Fertility we are here to help you refer your patient for fertility treatment quickly. All you need to do is complete the form below;

How do I send an NHS fertility referral?

You just simply need to upload your NHS referral form below with need the following:

  • Blood tests and semen analysis report
  • Completed NHS referral form

How will I receive my Fertility results?

At iTrust the tests will be completed before you see the fertility Doctor. During your fertility consultation, your Doctor will go through your results and answer any questions you may have.

Your fertility specialist will explain the results and discuss your fertility health, they will talk you through the next steps and how to have treatment with donor sperm to help you achieve a pregnancy with fertility treatment. At itrust fertility we offer in-house donor sperm or we help you import sperm from a donor sperm bank.

It’s important to remember that your results are not the only indicator, there are other factors to consider too, in particular your age and lifestyle, which will be discussed by during your appointment.

At iTrust we offer the lowest priced fertility treatments in Sussex and Kent, The male check up tests cost £650

NHS funding in Kent

NHS funding in Sussex

What fertility investigations do patients need?

At iTrust fertility we offer all the fertility tests, however some patients choose to have their tests completed at their GP. Our aim is to provide your patient with the best advice, treatments and support to help them achieve a pregnancy. To help us do this the following blood tests would be useful;

  • AMH blood test
  • Progesterone: This blood test should be taken on day 21 of the cycle if 28 days long, or a day or two earlier or later if the cycle is shorter or longer respectively.
  • Rubella blood test.
  • Chlamydia swab or urine test.
  • Semen Analysis – you can refer your patient to our clinics for a semen analysis

At iTrust Fertility we hold regular training programmes for GPs and healthcare professionals on infertility and related topics.

Our seminars offer:

  • Training on the latest developments and concepts in fertility
  • attendance certificates are issued for CPD evidence

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Training positions

We also offer several training positions for GP’s in fertility in our clinics, if you are interested then contact us by emailing