ERA/EMMA and Alice Tests

Endometrium tests (ERA/EMMA and ALICE)

The endometrium plays a critical role in implantation. Recurrent implantation failure is one of the most challenging clinical conditions encountered. Whilst extensive advances have been taken place with regard to the embryo, limited details are available in the study of the endometrium.

Now 3 tests are available to give more information about the endometrium and can be applied to the preparation before a frozen embryo replacement; Igenomix offers 3 tests which give us more information and can be used before the frozen embryo replacement cycle

How are endometrium tests carried out?

A mock hormone preparation is carried out with estrogen tablets or patches for 10-14 days . Progesterone is started and approximately 120 ± hrs later an endometrial biopsy is taken and the sample is sent for testing

The results tell us about the timing of embryo transfer for the next treatment, endometrial health and endometrial infection