Fertility Treatment Options for Single Women

Fertility Treatment Options for Single Women

At iTrust Fertility Clinics we can help you have a baby, using donor sperm either from our donor bank, or from a donor bank of your choice or using a known donor. We have excellent success rates and the lowest priced IVF treatment in Sussex and Kent.

You will be given personalised care from your fertility specialist, to help you prepare for treatment. If treatment is successful, you also have the option to reserve more sperm from your donor, so you can try for another child.

Why should I have treatment using a clinic?

There are a number of ‘matching’ sites advertising their sperm online, it may seem like a quick, low-cost option to pregnancy – but it carries risks compared to treatment at a licensed fertility clinic.

All women using donor sperm have counselling before treatment, so we can discuss the implications of using a sperm donor with you.

At iTrust fertility clinics we ensure all patients considering treatment using donors must have implications counselling.

During this appointment our specialist fertility counsellor will talk about your rights, the rights of your child to find out who their sperm donor is and how to explain to your child about biological origins when the time is right.

How do I get started?

During your fertility check up at iTrust fertility clinics you will have some fertility tests which include am ultrasound scan, Lifestyle assessment – We will discuss your lifestyle and there will be some hormone blood tests.

Donor Sperm Insemination

Insemination with donor sperm timed for when you are ovulating, either natural or stimulated cycle.

IVF with Donor Sperm

IVF using UK donor sperm from our sperm bank. You will undergo stimulation, we will retrieve and fertilise your eggs, transferring the best embryo for pregnancy.

IVF with Donor Eggs and Sperm

If you are an older single woman or cannot use your own eggs, have treatment using both donor sperm and donor eggs from our banks.

Does my BMI affect my fertility?

At iTrust fertility clinics we treat patients with a BMI between 19-35. Research has shown that a healthy BMI can support your fertility treatment, so we encourage you to optimise your BMI and lower it if it is over 30.

You can use this calculator if you are not sure about your BMI BMI calculator. If you are concerned about your BMI then you can contact us to book an appointment with our weight loss specialists on 0203 960 6424.

Do you offer NHS treatment?

Yes, we offer fertility treatment on the NHS, certain Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will consider allowing you to transfer the funding for your NHS IVF cycles to us.

If you’re eligible for fertility treatment on the NHS, you may be able to Transfer your NHS funded IVF treatment to iTrust fertility clinics.