HFEA Consents

HFEA Consents

At iTrust Fertility Clinics consents are an important element of your fertility treatment, it is a legal requirement for all patients to give their informed written consent to ensure your sperm, eggs, embryos are used and stored in a way that you are happy with.

At iTrust fertility we are using online consents for all patients this has replaced traditional paper-based consenting, and uses a secure digital platform called Fertility Consents, which allows patients to remotely access the relevant medical and legal information to provide informed consent and digitally sign consent forms for their fertility treatment.

Why is it so important?

If consent to treatment or storage is not given it could have serious implications for how embryos, eggs or sperm are used and stored, and in some cases, who is a legal parent of your child.

If you’re having treatment with donated sperm or embryos and you’re not married or in a civil partnership with your partner, giving consent to who will be your child’s legal parent is essential. 

It is an essential part of your treatment, and our fertility specialists will explain all the consents and will help you understand all the issues before giving your consent.

What are the different forms I have to sign?

You will be informed by your nurse about which forms you need to complete it does depend on your treatment, they can includ

  • how long to store your eggs, sperm or embryos
  • the type of treatment you have, including donation
  • use and storage of your sperm, eggs or embryos for training purposes
  • who will be the legal parent of a child born if you are using donated eggs, sperm or embryos and you’re not married or in a civil partnership with your partner
  • what will happen to your eggs, sperm or embryos if you die
  • what will happen to your eggs, sperm or embryos if you lose the ability to decide for yourself (become mentally incapacitated)
  • how your personal information can be used.

What are the changes in the storage laws?

On 1 July 2022, the rules on how long you can store your eggs, sperm or embryos changed. The law now permits you to store your eggs, sperm or embryos for use in treatment for any period up to a maximum of 55 years from the date that the eggs, sperm or embryos are first placed in storage.

You will need to renew your consent every 10 years and the team at iTrust fertility clinics will contact you to renew your consent and you will be provided counselling. It is therefore essential that you keep your contact details up to date with us.

You don’t have to match the length of storage to any contract for paying for the storage it is really important that you are upto date with paying for your storage.

What if I have stored embryos at your clinic?

If you have stored embryos, eggs or sperm at our clinics (previously known as Chelsfield Park fertility and Sussex Downs Fertility) then you must inform us of your change of address or contact details.

Our team will write to you each year to obtain your consent to continue with storage and obtain payment for storage.

For more information visit the HFEA website Consent to treatment and storage | HFEA