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On 14th February 2023 unfortunately, we had our licence suspended, we appreciate this news will be a surprise for many of you, we want to re-assure you that iTrust we are here to support our patients through this.

This means we can continue working with patients who have started their fertility treatment and/or currently store gametes (eggs, sperm, or embryos) at our clinics. However, all other treatment is suspended until further notice.

We are surprised by this outcome as we were expecting the licence to be renewed as per the inspector’s report. The last HFEA inspections in our clinics were conducted in Eastbourne in July 2022 and October 2022 in Kent

Patient safety is our top priority, and we are committed to taking the appropriate steps to ensure our staff can provide the best possible service for patients, as we seek to address all issues raised by the report.

Since initial feedback from the HFEA inspectors in July and October, we have acted immediately to make significant changes to the way we operate, which we believe makes our service safe, effective, caring, responsive and compliant. The inspection report did not make mention of any concerns about harm to patients, we are taking extra steps to ensure that no potential risks remain.

We are a fertility provider that strives to provide the best service for our patients. We were disappointed to receive this suspension and are determined to improve.



If you would like to transfer your care to another provider, wish to move your stored gametes (eggs, sperm or embryos) or to discuss these options further, please contact us on 0203 960 6424 (phoneline open 24 hours a day and managed by our team of clinicians) or by email on info.sdfc@nhs.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We wish to reassure our patients that we are doing everything possible to support you during this time. As part of our improvement process, we want to hear from you. If you do have specific comments or concerns, we encourage you to discuss these with us by contacting us on 0203 960 6424  or info.sdfc@nhs.net.


We recognise that changing or suspending fertility treatment can be emotionally challenging during an already difficult time. Our support line remains available for all patients. Please telephone us on 01323 410333 at any time to book a complimentary appointment with your consultant to discuss the options available to you, and/or to speak with one of our counsellors.

If you would like to write to us, raise any concerns you can send us an email

We have the right to appeal the suspension, which we will be doing over the coming days. We will write to you again to update you on the outcome of the appeal. We are also working with Harley Street Fertility Clinic for patients who want to complete their treatment at that clinic.

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    Low priced fertility treatments at iTrust fertility

    At iTrust fertility we pride ourselves on 30 years’ experience as fertility specialists, we are dedicated to offering patients the best fertility treatments at the lowest prices possible.

    IVF – fully inclusive and natural IVF

    ICSI – Low priced ICSI cycles

    IUI – Using partner or donor sperm

    Egg Sharing

    Donor egg and sperm treatments

    Egg freezing

    Surgical Sperm Retrieval


    iTrust Fertility clinics have contracts with the NHS for patients who live anywhere in Kent, Medway and Sussex.

    When you attend an appointment with at your local NHS hospital you can ask them to refer you to iTrust fertility. We see all NHS patients within a week in our state of the art fertility clinics.

    If you need any advice or have a free consultation whilst you are waiting for your NHS appointment then call us on 01323 410333.

    NHS fertility treatments available;
    IVF treatments
    Egg Sharing
    Donor egg and sperm treatments
    Egg freezing

    IVF for same sex couples

    Egg and Sperm Donor treatments

    Surrogacy treatments

    Fertility testing

    Fertility preservation

    Reciprocal IVF/Shared Motherhood


    At iTrust fertility clinics fertility testing is one of the most important aspects of starting your fertility treatments.  We take this very seriously and have invested in the state of the art scanning equipment and offer a full range of tests and detailed scans such as Hycosy.

    All the test results will be discussed with our fertility specialist Doctors. AMH and hormone blood tests for men and women

    3D/4D Gynaecological scanning
    Sperm analysis and freezing
    Genetic tests
    Ema/Era Alice tests


    Why choose itrust Fertility?

    At iTrust we are a clinic that offers evidence-based practice and we are proud of the honesty and all-inclusive treatments we offer our patients. We do not believe in any additional treatments or expensive tests that are unnecessary.  We have the longest history in Sussex and Kent with thousands of babies being born after treatments at iTrust.

    As an experienced team of professionals, we are proud of our honesty and the excellent team of diverse professionals. Each patient is treated as an individual and treatment is tailored to their needs.


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    Follow the easy steps to get started

    Call us today and get started with your treatment, same day appointments are available.

    Fixed price IVF treatment £3500

    Contact Us Today

    Step 1 Call us to book an appointment – for private patients you do not need a referral just call us on 01323 410333

    Step 2 The initial check up

    Step 3 Start your treatment

    If you still have questions then please call us on 0203 9606 424 to book a free consultation or webinar

    NHS patients

    Step 1 Call your GP to book an initial appointment

    Step 2 If you are eligible then you will be referred to a local NHS hospital for your fertility check up

    Step 3 If you are eligible you can ask to be referred to an iTrust fertility clinic.

    iTrust is so important to me as I have experienced fertility treatment and the impact this has on you as a patient. All of our services are centred around the patient and supporting them through their journey, we pride ourselves on the passion our teams offer.

    The team of professionals in our clinics are very passionate about offering the best fertility treatment and techniques possible, they all go above and beyond to support everyone from the moment they enter our clinics. We are very excited to offer patients our fixed price IVF cycles as we see how confusing prices are and many clinics offer additional tests that are unnecessary.

    Mrs Kuljit Moore-Juneja,

    Founder & Managing Director, itrust Fertility

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