IVF for Women Over 40

IVF for Women Over 40

If you are over 40 and want to start fertility treatment at Itrust we will provide you with personalised care. The number of patients having children over 40 has increased significantly over the last 30 years.

The chances of having a successful IVF treatment are dramatically reduced after a woman turns 45 but we also know that there are some women capable of getting pregnant at this age. At iTrust Fertility We have excellent success rates for patients over 40 years old.

Can we help you?

At iTrust Fertility Clinic, we have great success rates for women over 40, we offer a personalised care plan and offer the additional support to all our patients. There is still so much we can do to assist a successful conception and pregnancy.

Our Fertility for the Over-40s programme brings together established techniques that together have been shown to help obtain good quality eggs when the odds are against it.

  • Dedicated treatment Plan
  • Egg Donation IVF treatment
  • Support and care

What do I need to do first?

The first step is for you to book a fertility check up where you will have some tests, review your history and have a treatment consultation.

This includes a pelvic ultrasound scan to check for polyps, fibroids and an Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test which will give an idea about your ovarian reserve. After the tests, your results will be discussed during your consultation with a fertility specialist. They will give you honest advice on the best treatment options for you.

At iTrust we understand that many women in this age group have difficulty conceiving, and require fertility treatment. In the UK around one in three of all women having fertility treatments are aged 38 or over.

Is it worth me having treatment over the age of 40?

It depends on the egg reserve (the number of available eggs) that you have and if you have good embryos. At iTrust fertility when you have had your initial tests then we can make the most appropriate treatment recommendation. We have excellent success rates for patients over 40 years old.

How can I improve my egg quality after 40 years old?

The genetic quality of embryos is already established, which means it’s not possible to change the embryos produced by women with their own eggs after 40. Some studies say we might boost those eggs metabolically so that they have a better answer after the stimulation cycle. The stimulation protocol that we use makes them more likely to be able to produce a healthy embryo.

What happens to the egg quality after 40?

The eggs which are released from the ovaries might not be as good as they once were. Studies in recent years have shown the chromosome arrangements of many eggs (and the embryos which they form) are not perfectly correct, and that this problem increases as we get older.

Donor Eggs is that the only option?

As we know fertility declines as we age, but that does not mean that donor eggs are the only option for older women. You may still be able to have IVF using your own eggs.

Your fertility Doctor will give you honest advise the best treatment for you based on your individual fertility test results, which examine key factors such as your ovarian reserve and hormone levels.

We will always be realistic and transparent with you, and make sure that you are fully aware of your likely chances of success using own eggs compared to donor eggs, so you can make an informed decision.