LGBT+ Treatments

At iTrust fertility we are proud of offering our patients personalised treatment plans to all patients in our clinics.  In both Kent and Sussex the NHS have excellent treatment options available for the LGBT community. As a clinic we have no waiting lists and patients can start treatment immediately whether they are self-funding or accessing treatment on the NHS. 

The first stage is to attend our free open events or book an initial consultation where you will be given a detailed treatment plan with all your treatment options. We are the lowest priced clinic for treatment in Kent and Sussex.

The treatment options available are:

  1. Fertility treatments using Donor Sperm
  2. Shared Motherhood
  3. Fertility treatment using Donor Eggs
  4. Surrogacy

Treatment using Sperm donation

Most lesbian women seeking fertility treatment are not infertile. During the initial check up with our fertility specialists all the different treatment options will be discussed, and a personalised treatment plan will be provided. Patients can have treatment using a known donor or sperm from a recognised donor sperm bank or from our clinics sperm donor bank. All of the options will be discussed in detail at your initial consultation.

Shared motherhood (intra-partner egg donation)

Shared motherhood or intra-partner egg donation is a popular treatment option for lesbian couples in the UK. By using IVF, one partner donates eggs to her partner and is the ‘biological mother’, whilst the other partner carries the baby and experiences the pregnancy as the ‘birth mother’. This enables motherhood to be a shared experience right from conception.

Legal advice

While lesbian women in the UK have the same rights of parenthood as others, we still recommend appropriate legal advice prior to treatment. This will hopefully prevent any future difficulties arising regarding parenthood and citizenship. Indeed, the legal implications of conceiving with donor sperm can be complex, particularly for same sex couples.

At our centres we pride ourselves on tailoring treatment to each patient’s needs. We ensure that all treatments are safe and effective under the supervision of experienced consultants, practitioners and scientists to give our patients the best chance of achieving a pregnancy. Our approach focuses on the quality of eggs and maximising every patient’s chance by offering freezing for any surplus embryos.