NHS treatments

We are not currently seeing NHS patients, please contact us for more information.


The fertility funding available in Sussex is very equitable and easy to access via your G.P. Patients who live in Sussex have access to the full range of fertility treatments, whether you are a single, married or in same sex relationship looking for donor treatments. 

What do I need to do to get NHS treatment in Sussex?

The first step is to make an appointment to see your local G.P for an appointment. You must be registered with a GP in Sussex and see them first to be referred to an NHS Fertility Specialist Doctor in the local NHS hospital.

How long do I need to wait for NHS funded fertility treatment?

If you are a heterosexual couple then you need to have been trying to conceive naturally for one year before you can be referred by your GP to a local hospital for further fertility tests.

Where do I need to go for my tests?

You will be seen at either the DGH hospital in Eastbourne, Conquest Hospital in Hastings or the Brighton General hospital. At the hospital you will be seen by a Gynaecologist who will complete the initial tests and check up’s. They will check if you are eligible for fertility treatment. You can ask your Dr to refer you to the iTrust fertility clinic for IVF treatment. We do not have any waiting lists and you will be seen within a week of receiving your referral.

How long do I need to wait for my referral?

Usuaully you are seen within 6-8 weeks for your appointment at the local hospital. If you are concerned and would like some further information then you can call our specialist team for a free consultation on 0203 9606424.

What is the criteria for NHS treatment in Sussex?

  • Age is less than 42 years for Women
  • No living children in the current relationship
  • BMI is less than 30 kg/m2
  • Non-smokers – both partners
  • If their egg reserve test is normal (AMH) > 5.2pmo/l

How much treatment am I entitled to?

If you meet the criteria, you will be eligible for 3 rounds of IVF on the NHS – if you are under 40 at the time of referral.

You will only be eligible for one round of IVF on the NHS if you are over 40, but under 42 at the time of referral.

Can I get funding if I am a Single women and same sex female couple?

The Sussex CCG will fund 6 cycles of donor sperm insemination and IVF treatment if this is not successful.

What is included in my funding?

NHS funded fertility treatment includes all the medication, treatment and procedures. 

If you are looking for treatment using donor sperm or eggs then this will also be included in your treatment.