Treatment using donor eggs

In cases where there are both female and male factor infertility problems, or where other approaches have previously been unsuccessful, there is an option to use Donor Embryos. This in essence, is where donor eggs and donor sperm are used to create embryos ready for transfer into the woman’s uterus to develop as in a normal pregnancy.

his is also a viable possibility for single women and same-sex female couples where there is a known female subfertility factor. Sometimes patients who have completed their family and have frozen embryos in storage may wish to donate their remaining embryos for the treatment of others. We shall discuss the most suitable options with you based on the availability of donor embryos at the time.

We can help you get started with this process by enabling you to review male and female donor profiles for you to select which donors you feel are the most appropriate match. In the event donated embryos from another couple are chosen for use, the non-identifying profiles of the donating couple can also be shared with you.

Unless you have chosen to provide your own donors (who may be close friends or relatives), the identity of the donors will not be made known to you, likewise; your name or any details regarding your identity will not be disclosed to the donors.
We only use donors in accordance with stringent HFEA criteria. This means that donated eggs will usually be provided by women between the ages of 18 and 35 and sperm from men between 18-41 years of age. Both sperm and egg donors will have been required to undertake a series of health tests to ensure that they do not pass on any serious diseases or medical conditions to you or your baby, this includes HIV and hepatitis screening.


When you have selected your donor, the sperm will be ordered in a preserved (frozen) state. It will be thawed, washed and prepared just prior to combining it with the donor eggs in our laboratory at the clinic. In the event frozen donated embryos are being used then they will be thawed on the same day of the embryo transfer.
The woman may be required to undergo a schedule of medications to prepare her uterus for successful implantation during an embryo transfer procedure, similar to that used in a traditional IVF cycle in which the embryo is carefully placed back into her uterus.


Counselling is a mandatory requirement for all patient when seeking treatment using donated embryos. This is a pre-treatment session that is required to help you understand the social, ethical and legal implications of receiving a donated eggs, sperm or embryos.

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