Treatments using donor sperm

At iTrust fertility we offer IVF and IUI treatments using donor sperm. We can support you if you are using sperm from a sperm bank. Making the decision to do IVF using a sperm donor to get pregnant has been very successful for heterosexual, lesbian couples and single women.

We work with only recognised and licensed donor banks to provide the best quality sperm. All sperm donors have to be in good health and are screened for sexually transmitted diseases and some genetic disorders. The sperm is assessed as high quality before being approved for donation.
However, there are a number of different sperm banks available if you prefer to use your own; if you have any questions about this process please discuss with your consultant.

Please note –

  • One straw/ampule should be enough for 1 treatment cycle, however, due to the transport costs you may wish to purchase more than 1 to cover for repeat cycles/sibling cycles.
  • We would advise obtaining MOT 10 (MOT is short for motility) or higher, should only MOT 5 be available we would advise to purchase at least 2 samples.
  • The advice from UK professionals is to match CMV negative recipients to CMV negative donors wherever possible.

It is important to remember that after completion of the appropriate consent forms, you will be regarded as the legal parents or any child born as a result of the treatment. The donor will not be financially or emotionally liable for the upbringing of any child created using the donor’s sperm.

Since 2005 donors in the UK are no longer anonymous. Anyone conceived using donated sperm will be allowed to ask the HFEA for identifying information about the donor when they reach the age of 18, (or 16 if they are planning to marry). They will be able to find out who the donor is and may want to get in touch with them.

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