IVF treatment with donor eggs

At iTrust fertility clinics we offer a range of treatment options to patients using donor sperm. This usually involves either donor sperm insemination – IUI or IVF with donor sperm. 

We would suggest that those using donor sperm have ICSI as part of their treatment. At iTrust fertility clinics, we can offer you access to traceable and health-screened UK sperm donors from our own sperm donor bank. During your treatment, you are supported by our caring and experienced team every step of the way, from choosing your sperm donor to pregnancy test.

You may want to consider using a sperm donor to conceive if:

  • You are a same-sex female couple and want to have a family
  • You are a single woman and want to try for a baby
  • You cannot conceive because of male infertility
  • There is a high risk of passing on a genetic abnormality or condition on the male side

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What is donor sperm insemination?

Donor sperm insemination, also known as Intrauterine Insemination or IUI, is a simple and quick way to try for a baby using donor sperm.

This procedure usually takes just four weeks. It involves placing donor sperm into your uterus around the same time that you naturally ovulate.

You can take a pregnancy test two weeks later. If IUI is not suitable for you, it is also possible to use donor sperm in treatments like In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

What is IVF with donor sperm?

Once you have had your initial consultation and check up the Doctor will advise you on the best treatment for you.

If IVF or ICSI with donor sperm is the best option for you, we use tailored doses of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries to produce mature eggs. The eggs are then fertilised with sperm from your chosen donor.

The best resulting embryo will be selected for transfer. If you have more than one good embryo you can freeze the remainder to use in future treatment cycles.

Partners/Shared Motherhood IVF with donor sperm for same-sex couples

We offer a range of treatment options for patients from IVF/ICSI for patients to use with donor sperm for same-sex couples.

Partners or Reciprocal IVF – also known as ‘Shared Motherhood’ – allows both of you to be physically involved in the creation and birth of your baby.

It is the same process as IVF with donor sperm but uses the eggs of one of you to create the embryo, whilst the other partner has the embryo transfer, carries the baby and gives birth.

What does treatment with donor sperm cost?

Donor sperm insemination – IUI with donor sperm
Donor sperm insemination with iTrust Fertility costs £950 for a single IUI cycle using donor sperm. This includes:

  • Monitoring scans
  • Access to online consents platform
  • Sperm preparation
  • Insemination procedure in our theatre
  • HFEA Licence Fee
  • Pregnancy scan
  • Follow up consultation 

Or you can choose to have a 3 multicycle package, which gives you up to three cycles of IUI for a fixed, discounted price of £2500.

*Additional costs if applicable

  • Initial check up and consultation package £350 for female check up and £550 for couples check up package
  • Cost of the donor sperm – in house donor sperm £1050
  • Medication from £200-£500

IVF with donor sperm
IVF with donor sperm costs £4,300* for a single cycle. This includes:

  • Access to online consents platform
  • Egg collection, sedation and embryo transfer
  • Embryoscope, blastocyst
  • Cycle planning
  • Prep appointment for injection teaching
  • Monitoring bloods tests during your cycle
  • Monitoring scans during your cycle
  • Local anaesthesia and oral sedation for egg collection
  • Ultrasound guided egg collection
  • Preparation of donor sperm for ICSI
  • Embryoscope to monitor embryo development – fertilisation to transfer
  • HFEA Licence Fee
  • Pregnancy scan
  • Follow up consultation after a failed cycle

*Additional costs in all IVF/ICSI using donor sperm cycles

  • Cost of medication £600 – £2600
  • Annual storage of embryo/s and 1 years freezing £700
  • In-house donor sperm £1050

You will be given a full breakdown of your IVF/ICSI with donor sperm treatment at your consultation. 

What is the process of using donor sperm/eggs?

1: Initial check up/consultation

We would see you and your partner (if applicable) to assess your fertility, health and lifestyle, including blood tests, scans etc. These tests help us to determine which type of treatment is best for you, either IVF, or ICSI with donor sperm insemination.

2: Consultation

Your fertility Doctor will explain the treatment process and the best treatment option for you based upon your results. You will be provided a treatment cost by our team at iTrust fertility.

3: Counselling support

All patients using donor sperm/eggs/embryos are required to have counselling. Our experienced and friendly counsellors will talk you through all the implications of using a sperm donor to conceive so that you can make an informed decision and consent to treatment.

4: Choosing your sperm donor

Our embryology and nursing team will provide you with a choice of sperm donors that match your preferences from our in-house sperm bank. If you have a known donor we will complete a consultation and tests with them. Or you can speak with our experienced embryology team and they will contact your donor bank and import the gametes to our clinic ready for you to start treatment.

5: Treatment

You will start your IVF/ICSI treatment with donor sperm/egg/embryos from your chosen donor and will be booked for your treatment once your cycle has commenced.

How do I choose a donor?

1: Donor characteristics

When choosing a donor many recipients think about characteristics they would like their child to have, such as skin, hair or eye colour, or height.

For some the donor’s culture, education or profession is important.  Others are more than happy to see the range of donor profiles we have at that particular time. 

This is the process that you will undergo with your donor bank or our clinic if you choose an in-house donor programme.

2: Donor matching

You will have access to all of the donors that are currently available for your treatment type, so you can make your choices based on the characteristics that are important to you.  If you are obtaining your donor gametes from a donor bank then this process will be managed by them.

Once you have been allocated your donor then you need to let our team know and they will contact them and arrange for the transfer of the donor gametes.

Why choose us for treatment with donor sperm or eggs?

We are an experienced clinic and we have no waiting lists. We offer treatments for patients on the NHS and private patients.  All our donors live in the UK and our teams knows and personally manages them. We are also the lowest priced fertility treatment clinics in the South East of England. Contact us today on 0203

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